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1.     Letters

a)     Do you write many letters?

b)     Do you prefer to write lettersby hand or to use a computer?

c)     What do you usually writeabout?

d)     Who do you usually write to?

e)     Is it hard to think of what towrite?

f)      How do you feel when youreceive a letter?

g)     Do you think people will stillwrite letters in the future?

2.     Travel (spacetravel)

a)     Do you want to travel in theouter space?

b)     What would you do if you hadthat opportunity?

c)     Do you think it’s necessary to see other planets?

d)     When was the last time you wenttravelling?

e)     Do you like to travel by air?

3.     Study time

a)     What time do you like to study?

b)     What’sthe best time for you to study?

c)     Do you like to study alone orwith your friends?

d)     Who do you usually study with?

4.     Map

a)     Do you often use maps?

b)     Who taught you how to use amap?

c)     Do you prefer electronic map orpaper maps?

5.     Save money

a)     Did you save money when youwere young?

b)     Have you ever given money toother children?

c)     Do you think parents shouldteach children to save money?

d)     Do parents give children pocketmoney in China?

6.     Plant

a)     Do you keep plants at home?

b)     What plant did you grow whenyou were young?

c)     Do you know anything aboutgrowing a plant?

d)     Do Chinese people send plantsas gifts?

7.     Foreign food

a)     Have you ever tried foreignfood?

b)     Do you like to try new food?

c)     What kinds of new food have youtried recently?

d)     What kinds of foreign food arepopular in your country?

e)     Do you like any food from thecountries near China?

8.     Being bored

a)     What will you do when you feelbored?

b)     Do you think young people aremore likely to get bored?

c)     When you were young, what wouldyou do if you felt bored?

d)     What kinds of things are boringto you?

9.     Spare Time

a)     Do you like to spend time withyour family?

b)     What do you usually do when youare free?

c)     What do you and your familylike to do in spare time?

d)     Do you think you will spendmore time with your family?

10.   Animals

a)     Why do some people keep pets athome?

b)     What kinds of animals do youlike?

c)     Do you like to see animals inthe zoo?

d)     Have you ever had a pet before?

e)     What is the most popularanimals in China?

11.   News/Newspaper

a)     Are you very interested in thenews?

b)     Why do you want to know thelatest news?

c)     How important is it to you toget the news everyday?

d)     What sort of news are you mostinterested in?

12.   Watch (老题回库)

a)     How often do you wear a watch?

b)     What was your first watch like?

c)     What kinds of watches do youlike to wear?

d)     Do people still wear watches inyour country?

13.   High school (老题回库)

a)     Do you like your high school?

b)     Which subject you like most?and dislike?

c)     Do you still contact with yourfriends in high school?    

d)     What is your high school like?

e)     What happened on your first dayof high school?  

14.   Teachers (老题回库)

a)     Do you have a favorite teacher?

b)     Do you want to be a teacher inthe future?

c)     What kinds of teachers do youlike?

d)     Do you think teachers should beangry at students or not?

e)     Do you like strict teachers?

f)      What’s the different betweenyoung and old teachers?

15.   Celebrity (老题回库)

a)     Who is your favorite celebrityin China?

b)     Would you want to be acelebrity in the future?

c)     In general, how do peoplebecome famous?

d)     What kinds of people becomefamous?

e)     Do you think, to be famous, aperson needs to have some special talents (or ability)?

16.   Sports (老题回库)

a)     Do you like to watch sports onTV?

b)     Do you play any sports?

c)     Do you have a favorite sportsstar?

d)     What kinds of sports arepopular in China?

e)     What kinds of sports would youlike to try in the future?


1. 有趣学科

Describe an interesting subject that youlearned at school

You should Say:

What the subject was?

What your teacher was like?

How long you learned this subject?

And explain why it was interesting to you?

  • Do you think schools should spend money on subjects such as PE and art, science?

  • What subjects do you think are the most important?

  • What subjects should be taught in high school in the future?

  • In what ages do you think students can make decisions about choosing art orscience subjects?

  • Is science more important than art in your school?

2. 有趣的工作
Describe an interesting job that you want to have in the future

You shouldsay:

What it is?

How you canfind this job?

Whatqualities it requires?

And explainwhy it is a well-paid job and why you think you will be good at it?

  • Is it hard to find interesting job in China?

  • What kinds of preparation should people do for a job interview?

  • Why do some people keep changing their jobs?

  • What should a good employer do?

  • How would you define an interesting job?

3. 第一部手机

Describe the time when you received yourfirst cellphone

You should say:

When it was?

Where you were?

Who gave you the cellphone?

What it was like?

How you felt about it?

  • For children, what age do you think is suitable to allow them to usecellphones?

  • Is it popular for children to use cellphones in your country?

  • What do teenagers in your country use cellphones for?

  • What are the advantages/disadvantages of using cellphones?

  • Why are many people addicted to apps?

4. 街市购物

Describe a time that you were shopping in astreet market

You should say:

When it was?

Where it was?

What you bought?

How you felt about the shopping experience

  • Where do you like to go shopping?

  • Why do some people prefer street markets over shopping malls?

  • Do you think the goods sold at discount stores do not have goodvalues/qualities?

  • Do you like shopping in big malls?

  • What do some people like to buy expensive goods?

5. 数学课学到的有用技巧

Describe some useful skills you learned in a math class from yourprimary/high school

you shouldsay:

what theskills are

How you leaned it

who taughtyou these skills

And why itwas useful to you

  • Can computers help us in math areas?

  • What is the first subject learned by children in China?

  • What methods can be applied to make math class more interesting?

  • How do you use math in your Daily life?

  • Do you think everyone needs to learn math?

6. 想换掉的东西

Describe something you own that you want to replace

you shouldsay:

what it is

Where it is

How did youget it

And explain whyyou want to replace it

  • What are other things that you want to replace?

  • What kinds of things do young people like to replace?

  • Do old people in China like to hoard thing?

  • Who do you think will want new things, children or old people?

  • Whats the difference between newthings and old things?

7. 参加过的派对

Describe a party that you joined

You should say:

When it took place

Where it was

Whose party it was

What you did there

And how you felt about the party

  • What do children often do in a birthday party?

  • What do adults do at parties?

  • Do Chinese people like to hold parties?

  • Should parents spend a lot of money on their childrens birthday parties?

  • Do you think people can make more friends if they often attend parties?

8.  特殊场合穿的衣服

Describe a time that you wore a type ofclothes for a special occasion

You should say:

What the occasion was?

what you wore

Where you bought the clothes

And what other people at the occasionthought of your clothes

  • Does personality affect how people choose what to wear?

  • When should people wear formal clothes?

  • Do people wear formal clothes more often than before?

  • What clothes do university students wear for their graduation ceremonies?

  • Where can you buy formal clothes in China?

9. 喜剧演员

Describe a popular comic actor/actress youknow

You should say:

Who he/she is

How you knew him/her

What comedies have he/she performed

And explain why he/she is popular

  • Should actors be paid more?

  • What influences do actors or actresses have on young people?

  • Are there many Chinese who want to work as an actor?

  • Can you name another comic actor in your country?

  • Who are more popular in China, TV stars or movie stars?

10. 健谈的人

Describe someone who is talkative

You should say:

Who this person is

How you know this person

What this person likes to talk about

How you feel about this person

  • What communication skills are important?

  • Are you talkative?

  • Are most Chinese people talkative?

  • What jobs need employees to be talkative?

  • Should children be encouraged to talk more?

11. 改变计划


Describe a time that you had to change yourplan/you changed your mind

You should say:

When this happened?

What made you change the plan?

What the new plan was?

And how you felt about the change?

  • Do old people often change plans?

  • Do young people like to change plans?

  • What are the common reasons when people need to change plans?

  • How would you tell your friends when you must change you plan?

  • What kinds of plans are practical?

12. 想参加的比赛

Describe a competition you want to takepart in

You should say

What the competition is

How you knew it

What you need to prepare for it

  • There are many competition programs on TV nowadays, why?

  • Do you think competition is important at work places?

  • What kinds of jobs or work should note involve competition?

  • What kinds of competitions are popular in your hometown?

  • What do you think of those who lose in a competition?

13. 让你集中注意力的事

Describe something that can help you concentrateon work/study

You should say:

What it is

How does it help you

What do you think about it

  • Is it important for children to learn how to concentrate?

  • What can employers do to help employees concentrate?

  • What kinds of jobs require higher concentration at work?

  • Have you ever felt difficult to concentrate?

  • What kinds of distractions are bothering you in your life?

14. 喜欢的杂志

Describe a magazine you enjoying watching.

You should say:

What it is

How often do you watch it

What do you learn from it

Why do you like it

  • What kinds of magazines are the most popular?

  • Do men like to read fashion magazines?

  • Do people read magazines for fun or for learning?

  • Do you like to read news magazines?

  • Do you think journalists are subjective in their reports?

15. 乘公共交通工具出行

Describe a trip that you went on by publictransportation

You should say:

Where you went

What means of transportation you took

Who you were with

How you felt about the trip

  • In what ways can we fix traffic problems?

  • Is fair to limit the use of private cars?

  • Should governments encourage people to use public transportation?

  • Whats the most popular means oftransportation in your country?

  • Do you prefer public or private transportation? Why?

16. 遗失的重要东西

Describe something important that you lost

You should say:

What is it?

Why it is important?

How did you lose it?

How did you do after lost it?

  • What kinds of people may lose things often?

  • What can we do to prevent losing important things?

  • What would you do if you saw something valuable but didnt belong to you on the Street?

  • What kinds of things have you lost so far?

  • What do you usually do to look for Lost items?

17. 朋友做过自己没做过的事

Describe something interesting that yourfriend has done but you haven’t done

you should say:

what it is

when did your friend do it

and explain why you want to do it


  • Are people influenced more by their friends or their parents?

  • Are people influenced by famous people?

  • Do you think more and more people become more self-centered?

  • Why are there many self-centered people?

  • What have you learned from your friends?

18. 童年的朋友

Describe a childhood friend of yours

You should say:

When you met him/her

Where you met him/her

What you did with your friend

How you felt about the friend

  • Is it important to have friends for children?

  • Do you still keep in touch with friends in your childhood?

  • For teenagers, do you think they should have lots of friends or just few goodfriends?

  • Are teenagers more influenced by their peer or their parents?

  • How would you maintain friendship with a friend whos richer than you?

19. 近期计划的旅行

Describe a trip that you plan to go on inthe near future

You should say:

Where this place is

Who you would like to go with

What would you do there

And explain why you would like to go there

  • What do you need to consider while making a travel plan?

  • Some people think travel experience depends on how much youspend, do you agree?

  • Do you prefer to stay at home or go traveling during holidays?

  • Do you like to travel with a group or on your own?

20. 安静的地方 (老题回库)

Describe a quiet place you found

You should say:

Where it is

When you found it

How you found it

How often you go there

What it is like

How you felt about the place

  • Is it hard to find quiet places in cities?

  • Why is it quieter in the countryside?

  • How would you deal with noisy neighbor?

  • Do you think cities are much noisier than before?

  • Compared with young people, do old people tend to live in quiet places?

21. 我们国家的重要名人 (老题回库)

Describe a famous person/celebrity in yourcountry

You should say:

Who this person is

How you know about this person

What sort of life they had before theybecame famous

How this person became famous

And explain why this person is important

  • In general, how do people become famous?

  • What types of people become famous in your country?

  • What qualities do (all or most or many)famous people have in common?

  • Do you think people are famous as a result of some real talent or arethey famous for some other reasons?

  • What are the good points about being famous?

22. 喜欢的建筑  (老题回库)

Describe a building you like

You should say:

Where it is

What it is used for

What it looks like

And explain why you like it

  • How do Chinese people feel about old buildings?

  • Do old people and young people in China have the same attitude towardsold buildings?

  • Is it important to preserve old buildings?(Why)

  • What aspect of culture do old buildings reflect?

  • How do old buildings affect the appearance of a place?

23. 看过并想尝试的运动 (老题回库)

Describe a sport that you have watched before and you want to try

You should say:

What it is

When you first watched the sport

What you like about the sport

And explain why you would like to try this sport

  • Why do old people like to watch sports on TV?

  • Are there many sports programs on TV?

  • How often do you play sports?

  • Should children spend more time playing sports?

  • Do you think group sports are more useful than individual sports?

24. 开心经历 (老题回库)

Describe a happy experienceyou had before

You should say:

Where you were

When this happened

Who was with you

What you did

And explain why you felt happyabout it.

  • Whats the relationship between money and happiness?

  • Do you think money is important?

  • Do most Chinese people think that money is important?

  • What do you do to make yourself happy?

  • Why are children generally happier than adults?

25. 经常访问的网站 (老题回库)

Describe a useful website that you oftenvisit.

You should say:

what the contents of this website are;

how you first found this website;

how often you go to visit this website;

and explain how this website helps you.

  • What are some of the different reasons why people use the Internet?

  • Some people say that different age groups have different tastes on Internet contents. What do you think?

  • What influences can(or, does) the Internet have on children/ teenagers?

  • Do you think parents should control what Internet sites their children visit on the Internet?

  • What (kinds of) people dont use the internet?

  • What are the disadvantages people suffer because they do not use the Internet?

26. 最喜欢的歌 (老题回库)

Describe a favorite song of yours

You should say:

What this song is about

When you listened to this song for thefirst time

How often you listen to this song

And explain why you think it is yourfavorite

  • What type of songs is the most popular among todays young people in China?

  • Why do you think pop music is so popular?

  • What kinds of songs do elders prefer?

  • Why is square dancing music so loud?

  • Has your preference in music changed over the years?

27. 有趣的动物 (老题回库)

Describe an interesting animal.

You should say:

What it looks like ,

When you saw it,

Where you saw it,

And explain why it is interesting

  • Have you seen any TV programs about animals?

  • What should we do to protect endangered animals?

  • Do you support doing experiment on animals?

  • Why do some people refuse to eat animals?

  • What would happen when some species disappear on earth?